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From minor foot discomfort to more serious surgery, and every step in between, Dr. Sakowski's patients can get all their orthopedic needs cared for in one convenient location.

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    Latest News

    Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and its affects
    Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Duration
    Tarsal tunnel syndrome is typically not a medical condition that will go away on its own. If left untreated, it will likely continue to get worse and can lead to permanent nerve damage. If you do get treatment, the recovery time will depend on what treatment is necessary, which itself will depend on the severity...
    Hallux Limitus treatment
    What is Hallux Limitus
    Hallux limitus is a foot condition affecting your big toe joint that can cause joint pain whenever you walk. If left alone, the big toe pain will get worse and become more difficult to treat. Hallux Limitus Hallux limitus is a type of degenerative arthritis in your big toe – specifically in the first metatarsophalangeal...
    Plantar Plate Tear and what can help.
    How Effective is Plantar Plate Tear Taping for Supporting, Healing, and Relieving Pain
    Plantar plate tears are extremely uncomfortable and very painful foot injuries. One treatment that is commonly used for plantar plate injuries is to tape your affected toes. Here is what you need to know about a plantar plate injury and treatment. What is the Plantar Plate? The plantar plate is a type of ligament in...
    Happy Feet Foot and Ankle Wounds
    Happy Feet: An Essential Guide to Healing Foot and Ankle Wounds
    Our feet and ankles can endure various injuries, from minor cuts to surgical wounds. Understanding the basics of wound care is critical for prevention, effective treatment, and faster recovery. Let's delve into this critical aspect of our health.
    Overcoming Toenail Fungus
    Stepping into Confidence: Overcoming Toenail Fungus
    Embarrassing, uncomfortable, and persistent—toenail fungus affects millions, casting a shadow on our confidence. Understanding the intricacies of fungal infections is crucial to combating this persistent menace.